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Our Specialties

Our Specialties

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Lawyers Writing for Lawyers was started for the purpose of writing content for firms, whether it be billboards, websites, brochures or social media posts.
Because who knows lawyers better than lawyers?

Get Your Legal Marketing Strategy Off to the Right Start

Who is handling your legal copywriting? Do you even have a legal marketing strategy in place? If so, is it bringing you an acceptable return on investment, or does it amount to a lot of wasted time and effort?

The services for legal marketing that you choose — and the professionals that offer them — are the key to finding success online. There are dozens of writers for lawyers on the web, but how many of them are actually lawyers?

At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, our team is comprised of lawyers just like you. We have the complex knowledge and experience required to fully understand and communicate legal matters. Should your legal content writer be any less versed in matters of the law than you are? We don’t think so!

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