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Our Specialties

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Lawyers Writing for Lawyers was started for the purpose of writing content for firms, whether it be billboards, websites, brochures or social media posts.
Because who knows lawyers better than lawyers?

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Get Your Legal Marketing Strategy Off to the Right Start–Law Firm Content Writing

Who is handling your legal copywriting? Do you even have a legal marketing strategy in place? If so, is it bringing you an acceptable return on investment, or does it amount to a lot of wasted time and effort?

The services for legal marketing that you choose — and the professionals that offer them — are the key to finding success online. There are dozens of writers for lawyers on the web, but how many of them are actually lawyers?

At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, our team is comprised of lawyers just like you. We have the complex knowledge and experience required to fully understand and communicate legal matters. Should your legal content writer be any less versed in matters of the law than you are? We don’t think so!

Simply put, content is still king for search engine optimization.  If you are an attorney looking to market their website, you MUST update your website with relevant and engaging content on a regular basis.  That means legal blog writing, website articles, legal newsletters, and social media content.  In order to have a robust digital marketing and legal content strategy, you also need legal copy such as newsletters and email marketing campaigns.  Email for instance is the cheapest and easiest way to market your practice and it’s rarely used properly by lawyers in their  marketing strategies.  Legal blog writing is the second easiest way to make a huge SEO impact on the web.  Do you want to show up in the organic listings and establish yourself as the best lawyers in your practice area?  You need a law blog now.

It’s hard to be a good legal content writer for digital marketing.  We’ve been certified as digital marketing experts and have years of experience building our own law firm through digital content marketing.   Our founder, Steve Eversole, build a seven-figure law practice on content marketing.  But it requires a lot of work and expert knowledge that as lawyers we just don’t have, or we don’t have the time because we are busy practicing law.  That’s where Lawyers Writing for Lawyers comes in.  We are simply the best legal content writers on the web!  And we guarantee our services.  That’s unheard of in our industry.

Our law firm content writing is written by established and experienced lawyers or former lawyers only.  Our founder, Steve Eversole, has over 12 years experience fighting for clients in court, conducting jury trials and writing legal briefs to the State Supreme Court and the State Courts of Criminal and Civil Appeals.  He has represented thousands of clients successfully and he started two successful businesses using the same techniques we will use to jump your website to the top of the search rankings.

Remember, content is what the Google spiders crawl when they are ranking websites.  It can be text, audio, video or even pictures if done correctly.  However, without compelling legal content on your website, you cannot rank well for key search terms that clients use to search for your legal services on the web.  And this content needs to be spread across your web properties and platforms like your website, blog, and all main social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like.

Make sure to call the best legal content writers on the web and let us jump start your legal marketing strategy.  We offer free consultations and I guarantee you a few minutes is worth your time.

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