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6 Powerful Law Firm Newsletter Ideas

6 Powerful Law Firm Newsletter Ideas

Coming up with newsletter content that distinguishes your law firm is an important part of your marketing strategy. The right newsletter keeps your audience engaged while differentiating your practice from its competitors. Giving your audience relevant, useful information is essential to your newsletter’s success.

Here are some ideas on content to include in your next newsletter – and how Lawyers Writing For Lawyers can help you create powerful law firm content through our legal newsletter services.

1. Review industry events and content for your audience.

Reviewing other law firms and legal materials demonstrates your knowledge with the subject-matter. Reviewing what others have to say can be very helpful for those needing guidance.

2. Stay current on recent court decisions.

If you can blog today about a decision that came out last night involving a specific aspect of the law you’ve now portrayed yourself as a current subject-matter expert.

3. Share up and coming legal technology.

From cloud-based enterprise legal management software to deeper data insights. Keeping your audience in the know on how secure and organized your business is can be an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and the care taken to innovate at your practice.

4. Keep your audience up to date on your firm’s productivity & progress.

Clients are demanding more transparency and accountability. Firms are responding with processes to improve productivity. Write about what the firm is doing. Clients will see that your firm is leading on these efforts.

5. Get close to your local community.


Law firms are getting wise to the power of community engagement. If you haven’t considered sponsoring a local event, helping a charity, or even providing a scholarship, now may be the time to start. Writing about a current local event your law firm supports shows a human side of your practice. People want to work with others who are trustworthy and in good character.

6. Tips on attorney healthy lifestyle habits.  

As the legal landscape becomes more competitive, stress increases and even depression. There’s only so much productivity tips you can use if you’re not feeling well. Do you have a routine that works for you? Share it.

How has your law firm used its newsletter to effectively market its services? Let us know your top 6 newsletter ideas and if you’re facing any obstacles related to your email marketing campaigns.

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