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When Should You Call in a Ghostwriter?


Have you ever admired an article written by a prominent lawyer or a speech given by a particularly compelling attorney?  Have you ever wondered how those busy professionals find time to pen such terrific works? Chances are they didn’t.

A legal ghostwriter is behind many of the documents, speeches or articles you see in print or hear on television. These skilled authors don’t get any of the credit for the end product. Their job is to take the ideas given to them by someone else and craft them into a polished, professional end piece.

When it comes to your firm’s content, using a legal ghostwriter is a smart way to save time and make sure you’re getting your points across effectively.

Top Reasons for Using a Ghostwriter

Many people who are always under scrutiny — such as politicians, top executives, or major companies and law firms — find that a ghostwriter can give them a consistent voice that appeals to the public.  

If you’re considering hiring a legal ghostwriter, consider a few of the top reasons:

  • You’re not a strong writer and need someone to strengthen your arguments
  • You’re a strong writer but don’t have the time to write the content you need to submit
  • You’re constantly in the spotlight and have many speaking engagements but don’t want to keep saying the same thing
  • You want to make precise points and worry your copy isn’t making those points

Finding the Right Legal Ghostwriter

A legal ghostwriter should have a strong understanding of the law in order to understand all the necessary technical terms and information related to your field.

A good ghostwriter will have a firm idea of what the client wants before writing, and a great ghostwriter will never claim credit for the client’s ideas.

Lawyers Writing for Lawyers understands the desire for high-quality legal ghostwriting, and our team of writers has lots of experience in this area. Contact us today to get started with your ghostwriting!  


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