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Common Legal Content Marketing Mistakes


Everyone makes mistakes. Your parents probably told you that when you were little, and it’s true. But no one wants to make mistakes in business.

Unfortunately, mistakes are all too common when it comes to legal content marketing. When you have someone handling your marketing who is a marketer, but not a lawyer, it’s easy for these mess-ups to occur because this is not the person’s area of expertise. Unfortunately, these errors reflect badly on your firm and complete the opposite of your marketing goal: Create a positive impression of your law firm.

Here are a few mistakes you should avoid.

Addressing a Press Release to the Wrong Person

It takes minute or two of Internet research or calling the place you intend to send your press release to find the correct name and title of the person you are targeting. Make sure, too, that you know if it’s a man or a woman. Many editors and bloggers toss releases that are addressed to Mr. when it should be Ms.

Using Too Much Jargon

You probably speak in legalese all day long at the office and assume everyone else knows what a writ of certiorari is. They don’t.

Whether you’re writing a blog post or a quick Twitter blurb, avoid legal jargon. It’s off-putting to confuse people. It makes them feel stupid for not understanding the term you used, and they may surf away from your page because they don’t want to feel that way.

Having a Vague or General Website

Avoiding jargon doesn’t mean you should avoid discussing legal issues entirely. Many law websites could be mistaken for plumbers’ or electricians’ websites because they lack the details people need to get a feel for your firm. Be specific wherever you can about your firm’s experience, as well as your lawyers and your philosophy.

Using an Associate Instead of Legal Copywriters

You may believe you’re saving money by using one of your lower-level employees to handle your marketing. But really you’re setting your firm up for failure. You won’t gain the traction you need with potential new clients through digital and social media without someone who thoroughly understands legal copywriting.

In fact, this will end up costing you money in the long run. Not only will you waste money on a marketing strategy that doesn’t work, but you’ll also have to pay outside legal copywriters to come in and restart your marketing efforts. How frustrating!

Avoid Legal Content Marketing Mistakes

You can avoid all of these common mistakes by hiring outside legal copywriters to handle your marketing efforts. They have the experience to guide your firm’s marketing in the right direction. Contact Lawyers Writing for Lawyers today to set up a consultation.

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