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Deploying New Technology In Law Firms

Deploying New Technology In Law Firms

Deploying legal technology that scales as your law practice grows is a vital part of enhancing efficiency overall and will keep you one step ahead of the competition. Here are a few ways technology can make an impact on your firm and your clients for the better.

Updating Your Law Firm’s Website

Marketers and designers recommend updating your website every 2-3 years. Consider enhancing your security through encryption (SSL certification), add an online client portal for secure communication, and optimize your website for mobile use. Over 60% of all online traffic is now coming through mobile devices, making mobile optimization a top priority.

Implementing a Practice Management System

This type of cloud-based software is scalable and helps to organize your leads, optimize follow-ups, creating organization overall for matter records, and enhances security. As you look into new practice management solutions, make sure your firm finds the right one for their needs and includes important data security features.

Using Video Conferencing Software   

Being flexible and operating in a remote capacity will not only be greatly appreciated by your clients but can save money on travel expenses and time when attempting to schedule meetings. Especially where deadlines are fast approaching and scheduling conflicts abound. Consider downloading a scheduling app, a voice recorder, and timekeeping software to keep organized and track billable hours in a more effective way.

Are you, or your clients, short on time? Who isn’t?

All of these tools have the opportunity for increasing engagement with your clients, potential clients, adding revenue to your growing firm, and enhancing your time-management techniques.

Do you have a method you’ve thought about deploying or have deployed at your firm? What were your expectations and results? We’d love to hear more about your experiences. Share your story with us.

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