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Effective Divorce Law Content Marketing


Divorce law is a big business in the United States. An estimated one million couples get divorced each year, generating 50 billion dollars in legal expenses, and that number only stands to grow with the recent legalization of gay marriage across the country. Clearly this is a competitive field, and so you’ll need a great legal content marketing strategy to make your divorce law firm stand out.

Here are some of the criteria people often use to choose a divorce lawyer:

  • Referrals
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Past results

It’s important that your website reflects the strengths of your firm in these areas, to help potential clients make their decisions. You will need smart marketing ideas to promote your law services using legal content marketing. Read on for a few ideas.

Make a Referrals Page

Many people are happy to refer friends to lawyers, but when those referrals go to your website, they may feel overwhelmed by the choices or content. Make it easier on them by setting up a webpage for referrals. You can present this page to clients in order to give out your contact information more easily. You’ll want to include:

  • Testimonials
  • Contact information
  • Past results

This makes the process a lot easier on new clients and also gives you a chance to showcase the strengths of your firm.

Start or Upgrade Your Blog

Many family law firms that handle divorce cases already have a blog — if you don’t have one, you should get one running as soon as possible. If you have a blog already but post infrequently, now’s the time to ramp it up. You should be posting one entry per week, and they should be on topics that will not only help your clients but also boost your search engine optimization, which helps clients find you when doing a search.

Blog entries might address common questions about custody, differences in divorce law by state, or division of assets. Do a Google search on “common divorce questions” to get ideas for your blog posts.

Send Out an E-newsletter

E-newsletters are an excellent way to market your services, because they can be sent on from one person to another. If you include a recent blog post on child custody that one of your clients finds interesting, they may forward it to three friends going through a divorce, and you’ll suddenly have three potential new clients.

Reach Out to Media Resources

Did your divorce law firm participate in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day? Send pictures to local newspapers and bloggers with a perfectly worded press release to gain some media coverage and increase awareness of your firm.

Sound Overwhelming? Call in Expert Help

Content legal marketing is an important way to help grow your divorce law firm. If these marketing ideas sound great but you don’t have time to implement them, contact the professionals at Lawyers Writing for Lawyers today. We can help get your marketing plan up and running.

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