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How Often Should Lawyers Redesign Their Legal Websites

How Often Should Lawyers Redesign Or Change Their Legal Websites

(Hint:  All the Time)


The answer to this question depends on what level of legal marketing and search engine optimization you wish to utilize.  Do you use the Hope-and-Pray legal marketing method, or are you a law firm that wants to dominate search engine results through digital marketing? A Hope-and-Pray firm simply installs a generic website, rarely optimizes their site or social media presence, and relies upon old design in hopes of attracting new customers.  Hope-and-pray legal marketing method never works, especially in the fast pace world of legal digital marketing today.

I will assume, since you’re reading this article, legal marketing is important to your attorneys, and for success of your Firm. 

Here are a few observations regarding content for legal websites and the almost fanatical need to change and create relevant and engaging content for your legal websites, and all other platforms, like legal blogs, and law firm social media platforms.  Any serious digital marketing strategy for lawyers should abide this information:


  • Your legal website should be changed all the time. You should change your legal marketing website as frequently as possible, all the time. The most important frequent changes that must be made are listed:
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • Art
    • Core Website Articles
    • Blog Posts – Either Attached to your Legal Website or an Independent Legal Blog
    • Testimonials
    • Client Reviews
    • Frequently Asked Questions


This content marketing technique is critical for lawyers in highly competitive localities and practice areas.  In today’s world, that’s pretty much everywhere except Mayberry.  

Why do I need to change my legal website that frequently?


Because Google and search engines love it!  Google is a hungry beast.  It gobbles up law firm content like Godzilla. It can’t get enough.  And the more you feed it regularly, the more its little spidery fingers crawl your site, and the more relevant and trusted your site will be.  Know this:

The more you update your site, the more Google visits and likes your site!


  • At a minimum you should be adding core page articles and blog posts every week. I’d suggest at least two blog posts a week and one core practice area page on your website.  You should add at least one law firm video every month to your legal marketing strategy. This is an optimal Search Engine Optimization strategy.  Pictures are easily changed and should be a part of any content marketing plan, added with optimal regularity to your website, blogs and other social media platforms. 


  • Although for best performance, content should be created for each specific social platform you use, you can spread your legal website content throughout the digital world and on all your social channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and so on.


  • Good relevant content brands you or your law firm as the most reputable and knowledgeable in your practice area and locality. I can’t state this strenuously enough.  Personal Branding for lawyers is more important than ever, and regularly authored, engaging content in your area of expertise wins clients. 


Now Another Question Emerges:  How Often Should Attorneys Completely Redesign Their Legal Website?


  • You should think about a complete design change every two-years. Many web page design companies even put free design upgrades in their contracts every two years. These are usually template sites, but those do just fine for most legal markets, when produced by an experienced and quality legal website design company.  
  • Why should you have a complete legal web page and marketing strategy redesign every two years?


  • Designs get old quickly in today’s digital world.
  • Your two-year old website is now stale and no longer comports with new website design innovation and aesthetic.
  • Your website probably has some errors and needs help on the backend at this point. Is your WordPress site updated?  Are you still using the latest technology and best practices for web design? Are you incorporating the latest design and software features into your site?
  • Your legal practice may have changed some.
  • You may have added additional lawyers to the firm, or law partners.
  • Your ideal customers may have changed. You may want a different marketing segment than you did previously.  For instance, higher paying clients.


And the number one reason to entirely redesign your legal website every two years, Google likes it!  Google is like the nouveau riche in a luxury car dealership or high-end jewelry store.

In conclusion, what Google wants, Google gets.  You should plan a legal content marketing strategy at least six months in advance, even a year, and follow it religiously.  It can be manipulated, or changed, but adding and/or changing content is an invaluable SEO tool for every law firm. 

Are you a Hope-and-Pray Law Firm, or a Search Engine Dominate Law Firm? 

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