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How to Market Touchy Subjects


Divorce is not a happy subject. Many people are uncomfortable discussing it, and it can bring up sad or painful memories. This means divorce lawyers face a tricky situation. You have to be able to market your services, but you need to do it in a way that won’t upset or alienate your potential clients. However, you want to be at the forefront of your clients’ minds if they realize they need your services.

It is possible to achieve this delicate balance. Keep reading to learn more about legal marketing for divorce lawyers, so your firm can find the right approach to this challenging issue.

Present the Facts

For sensitive issues like divorce, you want to lay out exactly why your firm is the best for people getting a divorce. Stick to the facts when making a case for why people should hire you, instead of listing tired clichés about how difficult divorce is or how a lawyer can make things better.

To promote yourself factually, try discussing:

  • How many divorce cases your firm has handled
  • Your years of experience
  • What sets you apart from other divorce attorneys

Remove Emotion From the Equation

Divorce is emotional, but divorce law is not. While you should always be sensitive to your clients’ emotions, your marketing should not be sentimental, manipulative or overly dramatic.

Explain what you can do for your clients rather than trying to make an emotional connection. For example, an eNewsletter could explain ways to ensure child support is paid rather than emphasizing why deadbeat dads hurt a child’s emotional development.

Stay Current

The best way you can help your clients is to stay on top of developments in your field. This is especially true in divorce law, where a family court decision can impact cases you have been working on. Stay up-to-date on other divorce court rulings and anything that has to do with divorce in your state’s legislature. Keep up with the national conversation on divorce law by subscribing to relevant journals.

Then, use all of this information in your marketing. Show that you have a full understanding of what’s happening now and can bring the best perspective to a divorce case. Your marketing should reflect your confidence in how well you know the law and how well you can provide appropriate guidance.

Let Lawyers Writing For Lawyers Help With Divorce Lawyer Marketing

Knowing how to market sensitive subjects can be difficult even for firms that have been around for a long time. With a team full of lawyers who understand the law and how to write compassionately, Writing for Lawyers can help. Contact us today to discuss your legal marketing needs.

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