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The Importance of Analytics

Website analytics is a process for collecting visitor or consumer data, analyzing those data and generating reports on the overall performance of your online marketing efforts. extends well beyond your website into virtually every online channel your law firm might be using.

A good law firm website not only contains information about the firm and its services, but the site also functions like an interactive hub to which all of the firm’s online content distribution efforts are tied. Tracking these efforts is paramount to being both effective and efficient with your time.

 Google Analytics, for example, a free program yields information about site visitors, including number of visitors, page views, time on site, bounce rate (a bouncing site visit, on and off), landing pages, exit pages, traffic sources and referral sources. Among other things, Google Analytics can chart data over time, compare data month-by-month or year-by-year, and internally compare different sets of results. It is quite powerful, and a newer version is being released at the time of this post.

Ultimately, your analytics should be tracking the interaction and engagement on your law firm’s website. A visit alone doesn’t mean much, but where they go, what they see/read and how long they are there means a lot. Make sure that your content strategy also includes measurement and adjustment based on the data your analytics provides.


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