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5 Law Firm Marketing Ideas That Get Results

law firm marketing ideas

If you had to make get a new client for your law firm today, where would you start?

The number of law firm marketing ideas can be overwhelming. Do you start a legal newsletter and start sending campaigns? Do you show your expertise by executing an ongoing content strategy to attract organic search traffic through SEO? Or, do you just buy a billboard on a popular intersection and hope for the best?

Lead generation can be confusing for lawyers. Where do you start? Who is responsible for doing the copywriting? What will your ROI be? Let’s dive a little deeper into those questions so that you can have clarification on the best law firm marketing tactics.

Here are 5 law firm marketing ideas that get results:

Email Content Marketing

Whether it’s a quarterly update or a weekly email campaign, email content marketing is usually one of the most effective marketing tactics for lawyers. Why? Because lawyers have access to powerful email lists of contacts.

Put together your email list and upload it into an email marketing platform like MailChimp. Then, think about the content for your newsletter. A proven strategy is to share current legal and firm news – like your most recent success of prevailing in an arbitration appeal.

Whatever content you share, an email newsletter is a great way to connect with clients and prospects. If you need some help, we can write copy for your legal newsletter.

Legal Blog Posts

People trust Google search results. How do you increase the visibility your law firm has on Google search results? By creating blog posts that target keywords that are relevant to your practice.

Create a content strategy by going to Google and typing in the keywords that are relevant to your focus areas. Make a list of target keywords by carefully looking at Google’s autocomplete search feature and their “related searches” section at the bottom of page one. Then, create your content marketing ideas.

Creating blog posts to bring in organic search traffic is a long term strategy. Results won’t come overnight. But when they do, it’s sustainable and repeatable growth that can be relied on.

To get started, learn more about our legal blog writing services.

Law Firm Press Releases

Press releases can be challenging. There’s an art to writing a press release that inspires the media to cover your news. It’s important to understand the format and the type of language the media responds to.

Identify your “press worthy” news items at your firm. Topics can range from the filing a lawsuit to a settlement award. Then, make a list of outlets who would be interested in receiving the news.

Once you have your news and your list, it’s time to write the press release to send out. Learn more about press releases for law firms.

Social Media

You’re too busy to craft and share social media updates. We get it. But if you’re looking to connect with more potential clients, social media is an avenue to do so.

Law firm marketing ideas on social media can range from connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn to sharing status updates on a law firm Facebook page. The key is picking the right social media platform that has the highest potential of bringing you new clients.

We do social media writing for lawyers that ranges from compelling LinkedIn messages to consistent Facebook status updates. Learn more about the different ways social media can help set your network ablaze.

Convincing Website Content

If your website doesn’t have good copy that converts website visitors to leads, then all the marketing in the world doesn’t do much to grow your practice.

Our final law firm marketing idea is around website content writing. You’d be amazed at how outdated and incorrect some of the copy is on your website right now. Why not take the time to update it?

If you don’t have the time to update, let us do it for you. We do content writing for all different types of attorneys, including bankruptcy, criminal defense, family law, estate planning, immigration, and personal injury.

What law firm marketing ideas are working within your practice? We’d love to hear what’s working. Contact us today to share your ideas, or contact us to get started on taking your marketing to the next level.

Lawyers Writing for Lawyers provides freelance content writing for law practices all over the country. Choose one of our content writing services. Choose your content subject. Sit back, and let us do all the work. Contact us today to get started.

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