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Why Should Law Firms Write Press Releases?



Think press releases are only used for announcing a local 5K race or upcoming fundraiser? Think again.

Press releases for law firms are a great tool to get your name out into the community and raise awareness of the things you’ve been doing. It’s essential to connect with people through local media in order to increase your firm’s profile.

But how do you know what to publicize? There are probably dozens of things going on around your office that deserve a press release — things you might not have ever considered publicizing before.

When to Use Press Releases for Legal Marketing

The aim of a press release is twofold: to educate and to draw coverage. With that in mind, there are several benefits to sending out press releases to pique local journalists’ interest:

  • They can be used online or off. You can send out a quick email or use snail mail to boost your chances of getting noticed.
  • They get you free publicity. If a journalist picks up your press release and decides to write a story about your firm, you have just avoided having to pay for advertising to gain coverage.
  • They grab clients’ attention. By sending out a press release about a recent court victory, you’re establishing your firm’s bona fides in the eyes of potential clients. A story about the subject of the release will show clients why they should be impressed by your work.

What to Promote in Law Firm Press Releases

The content of your press releases is limited only by your imagination. You can send out releases when you win a big case, when you want to flaunt your expert knowledge on a subject currently dominating the news, or when your firm does pro bono work on behalf of a truly deserving client.

Any press release you send out should always show your firm in a flattering light. Make sure there are no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, and address the releases to the right person. Nothing turns a journalist off quicker than receiving a press release addressed to the incorrect name.

Because of the attention to detail that’s required by a press release for law firms, many firms choose to outsource these documents to professional writers with legal experience.  

Lawyers Writing for Lawyers has expertise in this area and is eager to help your law firm gain attention with press releases crafted by our team of writers.  Contact us today to get started!

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