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Legal Content for Law Firms: What Should You Put on Your Blog?


What should a lawyer put on their law firm’s blog? We hear this question all the time. Many attorneys have read about the importance of blogs, but they don’t understand what type of legal content writing works for a blog or how they should go about starting one.

To learn what belongs on a law firm’s blog, including ideas for posts, how to establish a voice, and what a blog can do for your firm, read through our ideas below.

What Is a Blog?

A blog is a page with regularly updated entries and information. This form of legal content writing is the best way to connect with clients at a personal level, while showing your expertise on certain issues.  

Think of a blog as your law firm’s online thought platform. It’s a chance to share your opinion and knowledge on topics of interest to lawyers and clients. It’s also a place to post news and information, and it’s a place where you can share your personality. This can be a fun way to distinguish your law firm from others.

What Should I Put on a Blog?

Legal content for law firms includes a wide range of writing, such as newsletters, social media and email marketing. Blog content, however, is different. It’s a chance to show off your firm’s creativity and spark interesting discussions among clients and potential clients. What you choose to put on a blog can help shape your firm’s personality.

Potential Blog Topics

The number of blog topics is limited only by your imagination. Here are a few places you can look for inspiration for legal blog topics, along with examples of what you might post:

  • The news — Is a telecom company running into legal problems in acquiring a rival? Break down what those problems are in clear language, eliminating legal jargon.
  • Recent court rulings — Discuss the implications of a recent ruling by the Supreme Court on a timely topic such as gay marriage.
  • Newspaper opinion pages — There are always people weighing in on the propriety of certain political situations. Discuss the legality of these situations on your blog.
  • Radio call-in shows — Many local radio stations have call-in shows where people debate a wide range of topics. Listen for a few minutes to find inspiration for a potential legal-focused blog topic.
  • Social media — Did a celebrity tweet a question about his or her custody battle? Write a short but sweet answer on your blog for any other individuals who may be looking for the answer. You can even consider tweeting your answer back at them.
  • Sports — When a big star gets into a contract dispute, break down the legal ramifications of the argument.

Get Help With Your Legal Content Writing

Still feel daunted by the idea of starting or maintaining a legal blog? Lawyers Writing for Lawyers has experience with legal blogs, and we can help you create unique, well-written content. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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