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Legal Content Writing on Twitter


Most law firms have a presence on Twitter, which debuted nine years ago as a microblogging site and has morphed into an important tool for any business looking to gain clients. But not all law firms understand how to use this social media site correctly.

Legal content can be effectively marketed on Twitter by working towards these three main goals:

  1. Give people useful legal content writing.
  2. Interact with potential clients in a meaningful manner.
  3. Have a goal in mind for your tweets.

By following these guidelines, your law firm can achieve real client growth through Twitter and also improve your overall reputation by creating a smart social media presence. Let’s explore each guideline in-depth.

Give People Useful Content Writing

Twitter gives you only 140 characters to make a point, and even so, it’s easy to fill your feed with useless information. Don’t fall into that trap. Use your Twitter account to offer information people can actually use. This could include:

  • Links to podcasts discussing complex legal issues
  • Chats that allow potential clients to ask questions your legal team will answer
  • Q&As about an eBook recently published on your site
  • Fun behind-the-scenes information about local courthouses

Interact With Potential Clients in a Meaningful Manner

It’s tempting to trade cute tweets with anyone who follows you. However, even though you’re interacting on social media, you want to maintain a professional presence for your firm. Establish a voice for your Twitter feed, and interact with people using that voice.

When you tweet to others, especially potential clients, offer information that will attract them to your office. Make your interactions positive and helpful, and take advantage of the networking opportunities available on Twitter.

Have a Goal in Mind for Your Tweets

Legal content on social media should have a goal. Is your law firm’s goal to gain more clients? To establish yourselves as the best DUI or divorce firm? To get your partners’ names out there as legal experts?

Decide on your strategy beforehand and use it as your guide for your tweets. You may want to come up with a distinctive hashtag to help define your law firm and spread your legal content on Twitter.

Get Help for Legal Content Writing on Twitter

Writing legal content for social media is an art, and it requires time and expertise. Many firms decide they don’t have the time to devote to marketing on social media, though they know how important it is to pursue. If this sounds like something your firm is interested in, contact Lawyers Writing for Lawyers today to discuss our social media content writing services.

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