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Legal Content Writing: Quality vs. Quantity


Joke connoisseurs can debate which came first, the chicken or the egg. But for content marketers, another debate is more important: quality or quantity. This is an essential question for your law firm to address as you use legal content writing to draw potential clients to your website and social media feeds.

Many law firms are unsure whether they should value content’s quality or quantity more highly because they do not have a lot of experience with legal content writing. Here we’ll lay out the pros and cons of both to help you decide for yourself which is of greater benefit to your firm.

The Pros of High-Quality Legal Content Marketing

Better Information: Potential clients can learn something when they surf over to your site when you post high-quality blog posts, such as a primer on divorce law or a rundown on penalties for DUI offenses.

Improve Search Results: Search engines put a high value on good writing. When you post a long, well-researched piece, you will get more traffic to your site, and more potential clients.

Reflect Well on Your Firm: When you post smart, useful content, it puts your firm in a positive light and reassures clients you care enough to do your research and produce high-quality results.

The Cons of High-Quality Legal Content Marketing

It Takes Longer to Write: A good blog post will take significantly more time to produce than a short blog post you’ll write in between client meetings on your lunch break. This can pose a problem to firms that are already hard-pressed to keep up with their workloads.

The Pros of Valuing Quantity of Legal Content Writing

Keep Your Website Up-to-Date: The more content you post, the more current your website will look. When you produce a large quantity of content, you will be able to update your blog and your social media sites daily.

Show Your Productivity: Posting a great deal of content makes it clear that your law firm is busy and productive, qualities clients look for in their lawyers.

The Cons of Valuing Quantity of Legal Content

Low-Quality Content Hurts Your Image: If you are churning out post after post on your blog, chances are what you are putting up isn’t all that good. Typos and posts that are not well-reasoned make your law firm appear unprofessional.

Too Much Manpower: To produce loads of content you will need constant help from your co-workers at the law firm, which could prove a time suck. Writing articles for e-newsletters and drafting press releases requires a lot of effort.

Quantity vs. Quality: Which Is Better?

You must consider both quantity and quality. You need high-quality content to show the professionalism of your law firm and your depth of knowledge about your particular area of law. But you also need to post enough content that your firm appears active.

The best way to do this is to hire an outside professional to help you save time on producing a reasonable quantity of high-quality content. Contact Lawyers Writing for Lawyers today to find out how we can help.

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