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Managing Your Legal Marketing Priorities


Every day, lawyers make decisions on what tasks to prioritize throughout their day. On court days, they focus on preparing their client statements and practicing their oral arguments. On days when they meet with clients, they study the case and ask questions to help them with their legal strategy.

However, when it comes to legal marketing, it can be much less obvious what the priorities are for attorneys. Many lawyers know less about legal marketing than they do about the law, so they may feel overwhelmed when they consider all the possibilities, including:

  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Email newsletters
  • Brochures

Luckily, you don’t have to make these decisions on your own.

Weighing Competing Marketing Strategies

A legal copywriter who has experience with the law can help you decide what the priorities should be in your marketing campaign. This can be a huge help, because most attorneys don’t have a marketing background themselves, and neither does anyone else at their firm.

There are several steps you can use to help you figure out the right marketing campaign for your law firm.

All Marketing Is Not Created Equal

Many lawyers who handle their marketing in-house try to balance different types of marketing, so all components are getting equal attention. While this may seem like a fair approach, legal copywriting should not be based on fairness. It should be based on effectiveness.

A legal copywriter will help your firm determine which form of marketing draws the best response and should therefore be the focus of your efforts going forward. For example, maybe you have received five new queries from the Internet over the past two months, based off your blog posts — but you haven’t gotten any responses to your social media posts. While it can be tempting to devote all your time on improving your social media strategy, you should be devoting more time to your blog, because it’s giving you the best return on investment.

Should You Try New Things?

A legal copywriter can also consult with you on what new types of outreach you should add to your firm’s marketing mix, because best practices change quickly on the Internet. A few years ago, law firms would have laughed at the idea of using video marketing. Now, many of them have their own YouTube channels where they post new videos each week.

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by other types of content and are wondering how to prioritize them, you can benefit from a knowledgeable source who can tell you which content trends you should prioritize — and which ones aren’t the right fit for your firm.  

Start Prioritizing Your Legal Marketing Content

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