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5 Marketing Law Firm Trends For 2018


You’ve built your law practice and you’re ready for more growth. Looking into law firm marketing trends and marketing strategy can be a daunting task. 

What are other law firms doing to position themselves for 2018? Here are five marketing law firm trends that all law firms need to take advantage of with the new year approaching.

5 Marketing Law Firm Trends For 2018


Content, Content, Content Strategy!

It’s all about creating memorable and personalized content. Hiring an experienced writer, who can create customized content is a great idea. This gives your strategy some extra oomph! You’ll want to pick someone who can fluently write on a variety of legal topics to attract your niche clientele.

With a record of overturning 176 life sentences and publishing 2 books, Lawyers Writing For Lawyers is able to design content for bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury, family, immigration, and real estate planning law firms.

Very few law firms have a documented content marketing strategy. Despite research studies showing those who develop their content marketing plans are more likely to achieve success. This kind of writing will urge your audience to trust you on providing authentic information on law-related topics.

Developing and promoting content that retains existing clients and attracts new clients through word-of-mouth referrals, is the name of the game. Hiring writers, such as Lawyers Writing For Lawyers, gives the writers the opportunity to create a case study relating to your brand, allowing your clients to feel an attachment to your law firm on a much more in-depth and personal level.

With digital technology on the rise to global acceptance, the scope for law firms to engage and interact with their clients is unlimited — 2017 being the most active year to date. Getting your strategy together prior to the coming year will definitely give you the competitive edge.

Visualization Through Video


For all the exciting and informative things founds online, whether it’s videos of bunnies, the latest viral trend, or a top commercial from the Superbowl, there is always an element of video. All audiences are more likely to attach on a deeper level when you use visually-rich content to communicate.

Immediate Interaction, Through Chat Bots.


Chatbots are continuously showing up as valuable communication assets that help drive marketing strategy and improve customer support. According to Gartner, 85% of interactions will be with chatbots by 2020. They help drive customer engagement and facilitate faster conversions by answering questions within the first few moments of contact. Use of chat applications has exceeded the use of social media interaction and audiences will expect it from most companies in the future.

Your Law Firm’s Blog


We mentioned earlier content strategy being an important aspect of your plans. Company blogs are a huge piece of that strategy. Lawyers Writing For Lawyers can you keep your blog up to date with topics including law firm news, client success stories, and keeping up with recent court rulings. Allowing your law firm to cultivate it’s brand, while also connecting with clients maximizing your marketing impact.

Reach Out To Referral Sources


Many law firms get business from existing client referrals. If you share what kind of work you specialize in you’ll likely see an increase in client referrals yourself.

Additionally, leveraging your connections throughout other professions and classmates is a great way to expand your law firms reach. When you utilize resources such as LinkedIn, and other in-person networking opportunities, this greatly expands your brand’s reach and recognition.

Do you agree with the trends we named in this list? Do you have any of your own to add? Reach out to us, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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