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Press Release Announcing New Law Firm: What To Include

press release announcing new law firmIt’s finally time for you step out on your own and send a press release announcing the launch of your law firm. What do you need to include in your press release announcement? Well, we’re glad you asked. 

Here are four pieces that you need to include in a press release to help a reporter write an article about your new law firm.


The first line of the press release should include “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.” Also included in the header of a press release should be the date of the press release and the name of the primary contact. The second line should include that the release was written as well as any additional contact information.


The headline is the synopsis of the event that you’re attempting to get highlighted by a media outlet. In this case, the launch of your new law firm. Ideally, this headline should be no longer than eight words. Get creative and show some personality as it will help the recipient connect with you and hopefully want to write about your launch. Remember they receive many press releases each day so standing out is of the utmost importance.


The lead is the first paragraph of your press release. This paragraph should succinctly describe what is happening and why the reader will want to read more of the release. If you’re writing a press release for a handful of columnists that you wish to cover you, write to their sensibilities and appeal to what matters to them.


This final section goes into the five W’s and the H questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. These standard questions help frame up an article for a reporter or columnist. The answers assist the media in completing the story with the possibility for a quote inclusion. Providing valuable detailed information here not only saves the author time in the production of their piece but it also saves you time in having to clarify things if they decide to write something about your firm.

These are the four items your press release has to include so that your new law firm can stand a chance at having the media notice and highlight your news to the marketplace. If you need additional help in creating press releases and other marketing materials for your law firm, Lawyers Writing for Lawyers is happy to help.

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