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How Newsletter Content Impacts a Law Firm

Why Do Law Firm Newsletters Matter?

Legal newsletters are one of the most effective and efficient ways to reach your clients with informative and engaging content. If you believe legal newsletter writing has become outdated, it’s time to take another look at why custom newsletter writing for attorneys can help establish your business’s reputation as a leader in the field.

Targeting Multiple Delivery Channels

Online newsletter marketing reaches clients through multiple delivery methods at no added cost. For example, you might create a newsletter and upload it on your website, email it to your clients, and post it to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

But why is this important? A prospective client might explore your website and start reviewing newsletters to get a sense of your experience. An existing client may prefer to stay informed of new regulations that may affect his own business. Younger clients — especially those who are active on social media or who have to manage their own social media campaigns — often appreciate getting updates on Facebook or Twitter. The bottom line is that online newsletters keep you in front of new and existing clients with ease.

Adding Value

Your newsletter needs to add value to the lives of your clients, or there is no point in producing it. Your newsletter can highlight recent professional successes, identify trends, alert clients to recent rulings or regulatory changes, and announce staffing additions or changes.

Since your newsletter will be online, you can also optimize its content with relevant keywords that can grow your reputation as well as Internet traffic. If your website already features well-written and informative content, uploading the latest edition of your newsletter can boost the number of visitors to your website — and increase the chances that those visitors will turn into clients.

Understanding SEO

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, matches search engine activity with page ranking. Websites with higher rankings are better because they attract more site visitors — they can also turn more visitors into clients, if the content is relevant, engaging and original.

If your online newsletters contain the search engine terms prospective clients are searching for most, your website will continue to grow new visitors and improve its ranking. Sharing relevant, fresh insights in your newsletter identifies you as a leading professional, and it demonstrates your enthusiasm and commitment to providing your clients with the outstanding representation they expect.

Custom Newsletter Writing for Law Firms

If you’re like most attorneys, you appreciate what newsletters can do for your reputation and bottom line. However, do you worry about how you’ll find the time to create, edit and distribute a high quality publication that enhances your practice? With Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, you can work with a fellow lawyer who will write custom legal newsletters designed for your specific practice.

You don’t need to spend your time researching keywords, analyzing conversion rates, and creating fresh and relevant copy.

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