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At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, we provide the powerful, effective website content writing for attorneys that is necessary to get noticed and be successful online.

Legal web content writing is considerably more complex than virtually any other type of business, with the exception of the medical profession. Law firm website content must be factually accurate, compelling and easy for a person without legal knowledge to understand. Yet, it should never imply that your firm is providing any legal advice.

Limitations surrounding the types of claims you can legally publish, such as being the “best” in your area and similar statements, complicate the process of legal web content writing that much further. With all things considered, it only makes sense to trust your legal web content needs to a fellow attorney with a firm grasp on both legal matters and effective copywriting. At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, that’s exactly who we are and what we do!

Web Writing for Attorneys that Gets Results

Not only do we provide exceptional web content for attorneys and law firms, but we also bring results. The law firm web content that we produce is search engine optimized, but it also speaks directly to the reader. We know how to showcase your firm’s experience, education and expertise in a way that makes readers eager to do business with you.  We’ve worked with firms specializing in everything from criminal defense to family law.

The last thing you’ll get from us is bland, boring and dry legal website content that does nothing to inspire action — your content will do quite the opposite!

We are simply the best, most experience legal content writers on the internet today.  No one, and I mean no one, has the legal experience,  digital marketing knowledge, and marketing for lawyers expertise that we provide.  Steve Eversole has spent over eleven years practicing law and marketing for websites.  He is also a Digital Marketing Specialist.  And we promise the best customer service available.  We will perform a competitive analysis for each legal website that hires us.  We will engage in exhaustive keyword research in both short and long tail key word phrases. We will provide analytics of the work we perform and show you the results.  No other legal website writers on the web will perform these services.  We provide these at no additional costs to all our clients. Mr. Eversole wants every lawyer to be happy practicing law.  In order to be happy, you need to be successful.  And there are too many struggling lawyers out there that with a little help can accomplish amazing things.  We offer that help!  

Why Website Content Writing for Law Firms Is So Important

While it’s true that all types of legal marketing content are valuable to growing a practice, website content is by far the most important. Your website is where you get to tell the world who you are, what you do and why you are the best choice for their needs. If you don’t make a statement and stand out from the crowd, visitors will see you as another lawyer with nothing unique to offer.

At the same time, you want your legal website content to maintain clear professionalism and authenticity. It’s a difficult balance, especially when considering the special requirements of legal content. Failure in just one aspect of the content could mean failure of the entire website.

When you finally achieve perfect harmony, however, powerful things can happen. You’ll share your unique services with the world, and encourage readers to meet and do business with you.

This is the power of carefully-chosen words, but it takes an expert to harness it. Let Lawyers Writing for Lawyers help you discover the power of legal website content today.

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