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Content Writing for Estate Planning Attorneys

Content Writing for Estate Planning Attorneys

Content writing for estate planning attorneys is significantly different than other types of marketing copy. Web content for estate planning lawyers needs to be professional, authoritative, yet still understandable. Attorneys may need to use terms such as “probate” or “estate planning” but must also be able to define these terms so the average reader can understand them.

Website writing for estate planning law firms is often a combination of financial and legal copy. Your content must display an excellent grasp of financial knowledge, legal expertise and approachability. Your website and the copy you publish should also remain strictly professional, but honest, friendly and fair. So how do you find the time to write this type of copy while you manage your law firm?

Writing With a Lot of Responsibility

It’s almost impossible for busy attorneys to devote enough time to copywriting. After all, law firms need to focus on clients, so hiring a legal marketing professional is essential. While many companies offer general marketing services, legal marketing has special requirements.

For example, probate and estate planning attorneys need to carefully consider their state bar associations when writing copy. Your website and marketing content should adhere to current legal marketing rules without sacrificing readability. Of course, your content and website also need to be accessible so visitors can find you.

Making a Difference With Your Writing

When you trust Lawyers Writing for Lawyers with your writing needs, you can be confident knowing:

  • Your content will be error-free
  • Your content will be written with a target audience in mind. Content writing for estate planning is different than writing for probate attorneys. Lawyers Writing for Lawyers understands the differences between audiences, and we’ll use the right tone and voice for your content.
  • Your writing will be completed by someone who understands the legal marketing industry. Today, legal marketing advice is available on social media from legal staff and even from your friends. While almost everyone has an opinion about it, Lawyers Writing for Lawyers has years of experience in this field. Our services aren’t based on advice — they’re based on a thorough understanding of the latest marketing principles and legal guidelines. With Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, we can handle the details for you so you can focus on what you do best: running an estate planning legal practice.

Attorneys have the opportunity to make a significant difference in the financial futures of their clients, and your website and the content you publish are some of the main ways to make an impact. Let Lawyers Writing for Lawyers help you reach potential and current clients so you can make a bigger influence in your industry.

We believe content writing isn’t just about filling web pages with words — we craft words that make a difference and meet your readers’ needs. Our goal is to help you create an online voice that attracts clients to your firm. If you need legal content but don’t know where to begin, contact our legal writing team today to get started.

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