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Content Writing for Family Law Attorneys

Family law may be the most delicate area of law to practice. You deal with people experiencing high emotion, whether they’re getting divorced, locked in a family custody battle, or dealing with the aftermath of a death. Because of this, it’s important to let potential new clients know you will deal with their important legal matters in a sensitive, concerned matter.

The best way to convey this important message is by posting excellent web content that explains why your family law practice is trustworthy — and how you can help during trying times. Showing your firm’s strength and sensitivity is not easy to pull off. That’s why you need to hire someone capable of providing well-planned content for your site.

Why Do You Need Web Content for Family Law Attorneys?

When someone needs a family lawyer, whether it’s for a divorce or a child custody battle, they go to the web to perform a search. You want your website to come up at the top of those search results. The way to do this is to provide top-notch content on the site that is updated frequently.

What are examples of this type of content? Newsletters, blogs, social media posts and press releases are all part of effective website writing for family law law firms. You may also want to consider:

  • A page that defines words frequently used in family law cases, such as annulment or alimony
  • An “About Us” section that highlights attorneys’ professional and personal accomplishments, helping to humanize them and establish trust
  • A personal LinkedIn page with the latest content from your firm’s website

Of course, it’s also important that this content remains knowledgeable and helpful. That’s where Lawyers Writing for Lawyers can help. We specialize in content writing for family law attorneys and other lawyers. In fact, we’re lawyers ourselves in addition to being writers, so we understand complicated legal terms. We can explain them in plain, simple language to your potential clients, helping you relate to them and show how you can offer assistance.

Great Content Writing Can Attract Clients

It’s also important to consider certain rules when you write your website content. Lawyers Writing for Lawyers can keep track of these critical guidelines, such as:

  • Following guidelines from the state bar association regarding marketing
  • Avoiding misleading words such as “will” and “can” that potential clients can misinterpret as a guaranteed outcome
  • Guarding clients’ privacy while also proving your firm’s successes

Let Us Help You With Your Content Writing for Family Law Attorneys

Family law is a delicate area, and the writing requires a special touch. We can give you an edge over the competition with our stand-out content. Contact Lawyers Writing for Lawyers today to schedule a consultation today!

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