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Content Writing for Divorce Attorneys

As a busy divorce lawyer, you know family law can be one of the most complicated areas of practice. It requires an understanding of laws that vary greatly by state, while also demonstrating compassion and discretion toward your clients. Above all, it demands creative thinking which can help solve domestic disputes.

You want someone who understands all those nuances of divorce law to convey your strengths to potential clients and attract them to your website. This type of writing takes time, but you may not have the time to invest in the writing process yourself.

This is where Lawyers Writing for Lawyers comes in. Our writers specialize in website content for divorce lawyers, and we do it well because we’re also attorneys. We have a background in law, and we can help explain complicated concepts in short, simple ways potential clients can understand.

Why Does Website Content Writing for Divorce Attorneys Matter?

A good website with smart, well-written content is the best way to connect with potential clients on the web. You need your website to make a great first impression. When potential clients find good, resourceful content on your site — whether it’s in the form of blog entries or white papers — they’ll start to understand your firm and what you have to offer. High-quality content can also help you build trust, which proves your attention to detail and expertise on a subject.

The better your website content, the more likely people will be to share it and help you gain exposure across a wider range of audiences. That’s a secondary benefit to great website content for divorce attorneys: Reaching more potential clients.

What Type of Content Should Divorce Lawyers Publish?

Well-written content is important for your firm’s website. But what does that actually mean? What type of content should you be publishing on your site?

Here are a few examples of outstanding legal content that can help your firm’s site stand out:

  • Blog entries that answer common questions about divorce law. For example, if your law office is on the border between two states, you might examine the differences between those states’ laws governing division of assets.
  • An about us page. If you give background about your firm’s lawyers and their outside interests, you’ll help your team appear as relatable people rather than names on a page.
  • Geotargeted keywords. If you incorporate these keywords naturally across the site, you’ll connect with people looking on search engines for a lawyer in your area.  

Start Your Website Content Today

No matter what kind of content strategy you have for your law firm, Lawyers Writing for Lawyers can help with your content writing. Let us help you save the time and effort of writing this content yourself. Contact us today to get started!

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