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Small Law Firm Marketing: How Small Firms Can Compete Online

small law firm marketing

How can small law firms compete with big law firms online? By getting smart with their content strategies.

In this post, we’ll share some tactics within a small law firm marketing strategy that attracts new clients and builds visibility online.

Legal Blog Writing

Writing legal blogs are the way your small law firm can compete against the larger, more established law firms online. How? Through something called “long tail keywords.”

Every blog post targets a specific keyword aimed at attracting inbound traffic from search engines. For example, this blog post targets the term “small law firm marketing” to attract firms like yours to our website.

Long tail keywords are search phrases that contain three words or more and are meant to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences. These long tail keywords have low competition with lower search volumes, which makes it easier to rank for on Google. By targeting a series of search phrases – which are largely ignored by larger firms – your firm can collectively attract sustainable organic search traffic.

Let’s take another example. Say that you’re a child custody attorney and want to represent more clients fighting for their children. An example of a keyword could be “child custody attorney.” This keyword would be hard to rank for organically on a search because of the competition locally and nationally.

However, you could target long tail keywords to attract traffic and establish yourself as the expert. Examples of long tail keywords are FAQ’s your clients frequently ask. Stuff like, “How do you determine who gets custody of a child” or “what happens in mediation for child custody.” By targeting these long tail keywords, you’ll be more likely to rank organically for specific terms and attract relevant traffic.

Legal Website Content Writing

Some long tail keywords fit better for a landing page than they do a blog post format. That’s when doing some legal website content writing on a landing page can attract traffic likely to convert.

Let’s revisit our child custody attorney example to illustrate this point.

The most popular keyword for “child custody attorney” – besides “child custody attorney” itself – is “child custody attorney” combined with the local city or state name. Child custody attorney Los Angeles. Child custody attorney Alabama. These aren’t keywords that fit well into a blog post.

That’s why long tail landing pages are necessary. In this situation, one way that you could target child custody attorney searches on a local level would be to create a list of child custody attorneys in your city…and to place your firm at the top of the list. This way you rank for the term, control the traffic flow, and position your firm to convert more leads.

Legal Content Marketing Strategy

Great small law firm marketing starts with content strategy. If you agree that long tail keywords can benefit your firm, then it’s time to identify relevant keywords. After keywords have been identified, then it’s time to create blog post and landing page topics. Then, it’s a matter of writing the blogs, publishing them in a sustainable frequency, and promoting them on your social media accounts.

Lawyers Writing For Lawyers can help with all of the above. Simply choose one of our content writing services, choose your content subject, sit back, and let us do all the work.

Contact us today to learn about the freelance content writing services we provide to law firms.

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