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Successful Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

successful social media strategy for law firms

Social media marketing for law firms can be tremendously successful in expanding the number of new clients for your firm. Law firms without dedicated marketing teams though, may not have the time or energy to devote to developing content for their blog or social media channels. Developing the right strategy before jumping into the social media is an important first step. Here are a few ways Lawyers Writing For Lawyers has helped law firms use social media marketing to successfully enhance their brand strategy.

Identifying the Right Social Media Marketing for Law Firms, Like Yours.

A great way to determine which social media platforms make sense for your law firm is to look into your top five clients social media preferences. Think about your ideal audience, their demographics, and where they are most likely to be engaging on social media.

Once you’ve estimated which social media platforms may have the best engagement it’s time to design your framework for success. Consider scheduling a brainstorming session with your team and discuss goal setting and strategy, including the following.

Once you’ve set goals and a strategic plan in place for each social media outlet you’ll want to begin building your law firm’s brand assets and create company pages and accounts.

Building Your Law Firm Brand on Social Media

Brand assets can come in handy to create a sense of consistency when it comes to the messaging and design of your law firm. The more recognizable and consistent your brand is, the more reliable and trusted it will become to the public. Below includes a few brand basics to establish and include on your law firm’s social media accounts.

successful social media marketing for law firms

Consider What Clients Look For in a Law Firm

Some of the top items potential clients look for when hiring an attorney are responsiveness, track record, and how well respected an attorney or firm is. Advertising your firm is not what social media is for, entirely. Social media has become a place for people to connect and share information with friends and family. Relating to this human component is what will make your law firm content successful. Here are a few social media content options Lawyers Writing For Lawyers recommends.

social media marketing for law firms

Stay Consistent and Pay Attention to Your Firm’s Social Media

Once you’ve created your law firm’s social media accounts, remember to connect with your followers. Posting content on a regular basis will keep your law firm “top-of-mind,” too. If you receive a comment on a post, replying promptly will let your audience know you’re listening. The more your brand engages with people directly on social media the more likely they will engage back.  Periodically review your social profile and ask yourself, “Would I follow this page?” If your answer is ‘yes’ you may have found the winning formula to your law firm’s social media marketing success.

Lawyers Writing For Lawyers

Lawyers Writing for Lawyers provides successful social media strategies for law firms all over the country. Choose one of our content writing services. Choose your content subject. Sit back, and let us do all the work. Contact us today to get started.

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