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Who Should Write My Firm’s E-Newsletter?

Email newsletters are a great way to keep clients up to date with what is happening at your law firm. They’re also a smart tool for reaching out to prospective clients — they can help increase your firm’s reach on the web and provide your site with fresh, timely content.

Because your e-newsletter is so important to your firm’s success, you want to make sure it has a professional feel. You don’t want it riddled with spelling mistakes or improper grammar or, perhaps worst of all, appearing outdated.

That’s why …

Legal Marketing Begins With Content

 Relevant, high-quality legal content writing can turn a good site into a great one. Content is, in the most basic terms, all the stuff that’s on your site. It’s important for three main reasons:

  1. It helps people find your page through Internet searches.
  2. It shows what your legal practice is all about.
  3. It can establish you as a leading authority in your field.

Legal content might include anything from blog posts to whitepapers that you give away to visitors for free. All of it should be targeted at the audience …

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