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How Often Should Lawyers Redesign Their Legal Websites

How Often Should Lawyers Redesign Or Change Their Legal Websites

(Hint:  All the Time)


The answer to this question depends on what level of legal marketing and search engine optimization you wish to utilize.  Do you use the Hope-and-Pray legal marketing method, or are you a law firm that wants to dominate search engine results through digital marketing? A Hope-and-Pray firm simply installs a generic website, rarely optimizes their site or social media presence, and relies upon old design in hopes of attracting new customers.  Hope-and-pray legal marketing method …

The Importance of Knowing Your Audience

You wouldn’t read a Stephen King book to a four-year-old as a bedtime story, and you wouldn’t invite a neighbor who doesn’t have kids and refuses to recycle to a seminar on the joys of using environmentally friendly diapers. Any marketer must know their audience in anything they do, and that includes legal content writing.

Having a strong understanding of your audience can help you focus your legal content in order to engage people in your website, newsletters or press releases. Each audience requires a slightly different writing style, because …

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