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The Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Legal Writer


You know how important it is to market your law firm’s services. It helps draw in new clients and establishes your firm as a well-known, trusted name in the community.

However, you and your associates may have days packed with court cases, meeting with clients and writing briefs on their behalf. You can barely manage to carve out time to refill the break room coffee maker, let alone write a bunch of copy for a marketing plan. What should your firm do? The answer may be to hire a freelance legal copywriter who can help with your marketing strategies. In many cases, this can be a smart solution to your problem.

You’re Too Busy to Do It Yourself

The biggest reason to hire a freelance legal copywriter is to save yourself time. As an attorney, you have a busy schedule, and your staff has just as much going on as you do. You probably don’t have free time to craft the blog posts, sales copy, social media posts or e-newsletters that can attract the new clients your firm needs to thrive.

Outsourcing can solve that problem. Instead of adding to someone else’s workload, you can work with a legal copywriter who can devote the time and attention needed to crafting your marketing materials.

Marketing Isn’t Your Strength

You may understand the law, and you can write a stellar legal brief. But marketing may not be your area of expertise, and the people you have hired to work in the office might not have a background in writing.

It makes sense to hire someone who has an extensive background with legal copywriting to handle your marketing. It will save you the headache of having to manage the entire marketing campaign and come up with a plan yourself. Instead, trust someone who has a background in both law and writing to do it for you the right way.

You Want to Upgrade Your Marketing Plan

If your legal marketing plan consists of a rarely updated blog and a listing on FindLaw, you’re probably not seeing much return. It may be time to improve your marketing strategy in order to get better results. Trusting this task to someone in the office without any background in marketing may be tempting, but it can put an unfair amount of pressure on a novice. You’re better off spending money on a freelance legal writer who has been able to achieve marketing success for other firms before yours.

Get Your Legal Copywriting Started Today

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