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The Importance of Branding Building


You probably got into law to help people. Many others had that same desire: An incredible number of law firms provide similar services. To be competitive and attract the new clients you need to help your firm grow, you must build a credible and recognizable brand for your practice that differentiates you from the competition. The best place to do this is on the Internet.

People trust law firms that have sleek sites, smart blogs and an authoritative social media presence. Just as people once noticed the lawyers who got quoted in the local newspaper, they now notice those who use that voice to speak out via Twitter or YouTube.

Establishing your online expertise can help you gain clients’ trust by building your brand. Here’s how you can use law firm web marketing to do this:

Creating Brand Awareness With Legal Content Writing

Brand awareness simply means people are familiar with the name of your firm. The more you can get your name in circulation, the better. On a small scale this might mean sponsoring a local tee ball team or 5K charity race. But to earn broader recognition from the potential clients you really want to reach, you have to think bigger.

This is where law firm content marketing on the web proves valuable. The more content you add to your site — such as blog posts, email newsletters, videos and social media feeds — the better the chance your firm’s name will come up in search results. Higher search rankings leads to better name recognition and brand awareness. This awareness, in turn, leads to credibility, and suddenly a lot of people want to sign on as clients.

Law Firm Content Marketing Tactics

So how can you begin building this credibility for your law firm? Here are a few tips.

Know Your Law Firm’s Personality

You want your brand to reflect your firm at its core. Perhaps you’re a divorce law firm that was started to help women in need, or maybe you practice immigration law because your parents came from another country. Show your personality when writing blogs or emails.

Mix It Up

Trying new things is always fun. Maybe you’ve had a blog for years but you’ve never tried an e-newsletter. Trying something different can bring in new clients and give you other ways to reach out to the community and showcase your brand.

Put Yourself Front and Center

Too many law firms come off as dry and dull in their web marketing. People looking for a lawyer want someone who is smart but also caring and pleasant. Make sure you come across as a human in your legal content. Mention your passion for knitting in a newsletter or include a picture of your dog in a tweet.

Get Help With Your Content Needs

Still uncertain about how to brand your law firm? Get professional help. Contact Lawyers Writing for Lawyers today to help get your content marketing strategy started and build your firm’s reputation.

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