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The Value of Press Releases


These days, when you’re looking for press coverage of an upcoming event at your law firm or big trial, you can tweet the editor of the newspaper or comment on a blogger’s most recent post. Even though public communication has become more digital, don’t underestimate the power of a great press release.

While it’s helpful to communicate with the press in an informal electronic format, it remains vitally important to send out press releases as well. The delivery format may have changed — most press releases are emailed rather than mailed or faxed — but the role they play in securing press coverage has not.

A well-written press release about an upcoming event at your law firm will:

  • Alert the media about what is happening
  • Lay out the who, what, why and where of the story
  • Explain why this event is worth covering

After reading a press release, a reporter or blogger should be excited to engage with your law firm’s event. You can even issue press releases that tout your expertise as a source for legal commentary, putting your name in front of thousands of readers. Press releases are worth every penny of investment you make in them.

How to Achieve a Great Press Release

Reporters and bloggers receive dozens, if not hundreds, of press releases each week. The key to getting a response to yours is to make it stand out. If you haven’t written press releases before and you don’t have a wordsmith at the law firm, it might be smart to invest in a freelance legal copywriter to make your press releases successful.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts of legal press release writing:

  • DO include an interesting, newsworthy element. It should be considered news if your firm is having a free seminar on divorce law. It isn’t news if your firm replaced the sign outside the office.
  • DON’T send out a press release before proofreading it several times. Errors make your firm look sloppy.
  • DO include your firm’s contact information.
  • DON’T address the release to the wrong person. Take the time to call the publication and confirm who you should be addressing your pitch to and how to spell their name.

Use a Legal Copywriter for Press Releases

Your firm should take advantage of any opportunity to issue a press release to gain attention. A legal copywriter can craft a clever press release that will push your firm into the spotlight and share newsworthy events.

As an attorney, your schedule is already packed, and we know you don’t have time to spare writing and rewriting the perfect press release. Let Lawyers Writing for Lawyers do it for you. Contact us today!

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