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Three Easy Steps to Develop a Legal Content Strategy

The idea of just writing a blog post for your law firm’s website is just the tip of the iceberg. It sounds simple in theory, but once you start developing content, you are going to find that having a content strategy to guide you is going to be the difference between success and failure.

Developing an effective legal content strategy can balloon quickly, so to get you started and help you keep it manageable, we have outlined the three most important steps

  1. Be Targeted: Pick one area of practice and focus on a limited number of keyword phrases. If you try to work every area of practice, it will fragment your time and energy. If you find you are blowing through content, add another practice area, but maintain the same rules.
  2. Choose One Weapon: Pick one content vehicle for your legal writing. While it’s great to have content everywhere on many different channels, writing articles, blog posts and press releases take three different types of discipline. Make it easy on yourself. This will help you develop a consistent voice and style.
  3. Create Back Stock: Time is a luxury. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to get your content written. It’s great to have topical information that people can easily relate to, but creating general, evergreen legal content can be just as effective.

There are many, many more things you could add to a content strategy, but these three steps will help get you moving in the right direction. If you still find this to be overwhelming, hire a content development expert for the legal industry or an interactive marketing agency to get you started.

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