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Video’s Place in Legal Marketing


You have undoubtedly heard about the hype over video marketing. By posting videos on your site and on social media feeds, you can implement a personal approach to finding new clients and impress the ones you have with your demonstrated knowledge of the law.

Many law firms think having a smartphone that can shoot video is all it takes to start a successful legal marketing campaign. Unfortunately, talking heads don’t make clients, and neither does boring content. A strong legal marketing campaign consists of:

  • Professional content
  • Relevant information
  • Clever visuals

When created effectively, video can become an excellent source of viral legal marketing, leading to shares across social networks.

Publish Professional Content

Don’t ask a junior associate to whip out a camera and film your firm’s longest-serving partner talking at her desk. Take the time to plan a script and invest money in filming your video. Remember, video is like a television commercial. People hold this format to high standards because they’re used to seeing professional commercials on TV.

Consider having a professional write the script and shoot your video. This may seem like an unnecessary expense, but your content has a better chance of going viral if you make it as strong as possible. Make sure to hire someone who understands law and legal terminology, otherwise you may have to rewrite the script.

Include Relevant Information

Another advantage to writing the script beforehand is that you can deliver information potential clients want to hear — instead of jargon they don’t understand or care about. It’s easy to click away from a video or pause it if the content isn’t resonating with the target audience. To avoid this, make your video targeted. Pick a narrow, interesting topic and stick to it.

Also, don’t make your video too long. Less than a minute is often all you need to get people’s attention and make your point. Any longer, and your audience may tune you out.

Incorporate Clever Visuals

Finding fresh ways to present content is another important consideration when filming your video. Get out from behind your desk and experiment with visually stimulating, fun ideas, such as:

  • Spoofing another viral video
  • Getting the entire law firm together for a holiday greeting
  • Delivering a message with a song or dance or something else that’s unexpected

Need Help With Your Legal Marketing Video?

At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, we have a knowledge and understanding of the law because we’re attorneys ourselves. We can assist your firm as you begin creating your legal marketing videos. Contact us today to get started.

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