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What Your Potential Clients Want to Know About Their DUI Charges


Getting a DUI is terrifying. Many individuals feel guilty, scared and emotional after being arrested for driving under the influence. They want to know what’s going to happen to them and how their case will be resolved. They need to find a lawyer who can help them through this trying time, but they don’t want to feel judged for what happened.

As a DUI lawyer, you want to support your potential clients and explain what will happen in the case of a DUI charge. Marketing is important to this type of law — you need to help clients seek you out. If they can’t find you, you can’t help them, and legal marketing for DUI lawyers is the best way to make your firm visible to potential clients.

Explain What Comes After Arrest

Explain to your clients what will happen after they are arrested for DUI. Lay out every step along the way, no matter how mundane it may seem.

Clients also want to know what will happen if they are convicted. Sometimes the truth is unpleasant, but it’s important to always be honest and up front. The worrying can often worsen the experience of a DUI, and if you explain the real potential consequences, clients may be relieved to let go of their uncertainty.

Show the Potential Consequences of Conviction

When you’re publishing information for your potential clients, convey other legal ramifications of their cases, such as:

  • What happens if they go to jail and can’t pay child support?
  • Can they be fired from their job for a DUI conviction?
  • If they are found not guilty, will the arrest still show up on their record?

Think of any and all potential questions, and try to answer them throughout your legal marketing.

The Don’ts of Legal Marketing for DUI Lawyers

We’ve looked at some successful marketing tactics, but here are a few things you should avoid when attracting new clients to your firm:

  • Don’t judge them. Anyone arrested for DUI will be judging themselves plenty — don’t add to it.
  • Don’t suggest they go to rehab. You’re not their counselor. You’re their lawyer, so limit your concerns to the court room.
  • Don’t promise something you can’t deliver. If this is your client’s third DUI, chances are they’re not getting a slap on the wrist. Avoid making promises you can’t keep in your marketing, because you’ll end up disappointing your clients.

Get Legal Marketing Assistance

Not sure where to start with a marketing strategy for your DUI law firm? Lawyers Writing for Lawyers can help you create a strategy for your legal marketing. Contact us today to get started.

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