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Content writing for law firms has a unique set of requirements. It must be professional. It must be accurate and up-to-date. It must be legally acceptable. And it must be easy for a non-professional to understand. It’s a time-consuming process that requires a commitment to quality and excellence.

You definitely have the legal expertise to rise to the challenges of content writing for lawyers. You may even be an exceptional writer yourself. However, the big question is: Do you have the time?


Content Writing for Law Firms From Los Angeles to New York

While Lawyers Writing for Lawyers is based out of Birmingham, Alabama, we service firms all across the nation. We’re a legal content marketing service founded by a practicing lawyer running a successful firm. All of the content writing for law firms that we produce, whether in LA, NY or anywhere in between, is written only by actual attorneys. We don’t outsource your content needs to general copywriters, no matter how good their writing skills may be.

As lawyers, we understand that even if you want to do your own content writing, the demands on your time can make it next to impossible. Between your caseload, personal and professional obligations, you may already have a hard time finding a moment to sleep. At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, we’ll take the stress out of your copywriting. We’ll develop quality content that helps you accomplish your goals.


Content Writing for Lawyers, by Lawyers

Many lawyers don’t realize just how grueling content writing for law firms can be until they try it. Not only do we understand, but we actually enjoy it! We’re here to help you grow your firm though a variety of legal marketing strategies, with qualified legal copywriters composing every elegant sentence.

From social media content to email marketing, blog posts and more, we work diligently to increase your presence on the web, position your firm as an authority in your field, and bring new clients to your door. Our specialized legal education and experience gives us an edge that no other legal copywriting service offers. We are your peers, and we hold our work to the highest standard.

No matter what size your project is or which type of content marketing you want to explore, Lawyers Writing for lawyers can help you decide on a strategy that will bring you the results you want. From brand new firms struggling to find their place online to long-established firms seeking to bring their practice into the modern age, we have the skills you need to accomplish your goals.  We’ve worked with practices from personal injury law firms to divorce attorneys. Contact us today to discover just how powerful expert content writing for lawyers can be for your firm.

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