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Why Invest in Content Writing for Your Law Firm?


You’ve heard people say there’s value in law firm content writing, such as blog posts or email newsletters that appear on your website. But is it really worth the expense?

For starters, legal content writing can:

  1. Attract more business.
  2. Improve your chances of retaining clients.
  3. Save you time and trouble down the line.

Let’s take an in-depth look at each reason to understand the importance of well-written legal content.

Using Content to Increase Business

The best way to attract new business is to optimize your website. People look for lawyers online, and if you want your firm to be the one they find, you need your site to pop up near the top of a search engine’s listings. The best way to do that is to post informative, in-depth content on your website.

Google loves long blog posts, newsletters and other content that helps people determine what a website is offering. By posting this type of content frequently, the search engine will reward you by moving your site up in the rankings.

So what sort of content works? Any type, really. If your firm specializes in accidents, for example, you could post a blog entry about the five most common causes of accidents at work and how they could be avoided.

The Value of Legal Content in Attracting Clients

Clients like to know the lawyer they’re working with is following the latest legal developments. For example, when you post a blog entry on how a recent appellate court decision could impact future divorce cases, you’re showing current clients that you’re engaged, informed and ready to fight for them.

This inspires confidence in your abilities. However, when clients look at a website that hasn’t been updated in months, they may instantly feel suspicious of that business owner. When they see a site with a lot of updated content, they can rest easy knowing they’re working with an educated, relevant firm. That’s how you want your current clients to feel.

Save Money in the Long Term

Too many law firms think legal content writing is just a passing trend. They don’t recognize its long-term value and put off making an investment. Suddenly, when they realize how important this form of marketing is to gaining and retaining clients, they’re not ready to provide their clients with what they need.

If you’re in a bind, it may be tempting to publish poorly written copy or pay a lot of money for content out of desperation — but both of these mistakes can be costly. You can avoid being stuck in those situations by investing in smart, quality copy written by people with legal experience.

Law Firm Content Writing Done Right

Lawyers Writing for Lawyers has experience writing legal content that resonates with clients. We’re also lawyers ourselves and we understand the ins and outs of the legal system. Contact us today to discuss your content writing options.

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