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Why Should Law Firms Use the Web as a Marketing Tool?


Whether you’re ordering a pizza, looking for a plumber or searching for a new doctor, chances are you are doing it online. This ubiquity is why law firms must consider extending their marketing efforts to the web. The Internet is the place people go to find what they need, and you want your firm’s site to be at the top of the page when they conduct those searches. Producing great legal web content is the way to achieve that goal.

What is online content writing for law firms? How can it benefit your practice? And how can you begin doing it? Read on for the answers.

What Is Content Writing for Law Firms?

Content writing is exactly what it sounds like: Any written content produced to market your law firm. This content has two main aims:

  1. Giving potential clients the useful information they need.
  2. Using keywords that will help lead potential clients to your site when they do a search.

Why Use Law Firm Web Content?

Because your law firm won’t be competitive without it. Content marketing, also referred to as inbound marketing, helps bring new clients to your site. Without it, people won’t find your website, and you won’t get the new client leads that are vital to maintaining a healthy practice.

Businesses that use content marketing achieve 54 percent more leads than those that do not. They also average a savings of 14 dollars for every new client, because the strategy is cost-effective. It targets a broad audience but delivers results.

What Are Examples of Legal Web Content?

Legal content writing for the Internet is limited only by your imagination. Here are just a few ways you can use the web to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign:

  • Use email newsletters. Explore a different topic in each e-newsletter, offering an in-depth look at a little-known area of the law.
  • Post regularly on your blog. If you specialize in criminal law, for instance, you could write a blog post defining various terms of criminal law people may not understand.
  • Write and post press releases. Press releases have moved from the fax machine to the Web. When your law firm hosts a pro bono seminar on divorce law, email the release to every press contact you have but also post it on your site in a special “news” section.
  • Get on social media. You should be tweeting and Facebooking and Instagramming your way to more potential clients. This can be time-consuming, so outsourcing this form of legal content marketing to a professional writer is a popular solution.

Get Started on Your Legal Content Strategy

Are you excited to get your marketing efforts on the Web but not sure where to begin? Contact Lawyers Writing for Lawyers today to get started. We have experience with starting up new legal marketing online campaigns.

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