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Law Firms and Social Media: Should You Join?

If your law firm doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, it’s time to join. Many law firms dismiss social media as a distraction or an extra time commitment, but social media can help bolster your law firm’s online reputation, boost your website’s reach, and attract new clients.

Learn how law firms and social media go hand in hand by reading below.

Why Should Law Firms Have Social Media?

Social media offers various advantages for law firms. It can:

 Help influence perception — People expect every business to have …

Successful Legal Website Components

A good legal website will give readers all the information they want. But a great legal website will engage readers and become more than a virtual telephone book. You want your website to become a resource and something people will return to again and again.

High quality legal web content can help improve the quality of your site. Does your website have the right components to be great? Read on to discover what you should include on your legal website to make it successful.

Legal Web Content: The Basics

There …

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