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Whether you’re brand new to the idea of copywriting for law firms or you’re just looking for a new legal copywriter for your marketing strategy, you probably have a few questions. We’ve compiled our collection of answers to some frequently asked questions about our legal copywriting service.

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What is a legal content writing?

Legal content writing is a special type of copywriting with a singular focus on the law as it relates to attorneys and clients. Its purpose is to educate clients about various areas of practice and citizens’ rights under the law, as well as how, when and why readers should retain the services of a lawyer.

Depending on the type of content, legal content should also provide a clear and accurate representation of an individual law firm, its areas of practice, the qualifications of its partners and other firm-related information. It must not provide or imply any type of legal advice, however.

What Is a Legal Copywriter?

A legal copywriter is a writer specializing in legal topics. A legal copywriter should have adequate experience, education and expertise to address legal subjects accurately and factually, while using language that is easy for the general population to understand. At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, our legal copywriter is an actual attorney with a successful practice who understands the complexities of copywriting for law firms.

Why do I need legal copywriting/content writing services?

In general, most attorneys find themselves with little time for marketing and content writing once the workload from the day is complete. A legal copywriting service can save your firm time, while perpetuating the legal marketing strategy. When handled by a qualified legal copywriter, copywriting services can provide a significant return on investment without adding an additional workload to your staff.

Why do I need a blog as a lawyer?

Legal blogs give you an opportunity to offer invaluable information to current and potential clients. You won’t need to answer common questions many different times over the phone or email, and blogs can also help you build credibility and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Readers see the content as valuable and relevant to their lives, which instills a sense of trust that will be irreplaceable when they need representation.

What kind of content do I put on a legal blog?

You can use virtually any kind of legal content for blogs, as long as it’s somehow relevant to your practice. Law firm blog content should address common questions and concerns, such as the consequences for a DUI or information about the steps involved in estate planning. Legal writing blog services should always place a large emphasis on providing information to the reader first and foremost — promoting your firm should almost be an afterthought for maximum effectiveness.

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