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The Importance of Optimized Press Releases for Law Firms

Can Writing Legal Press Releases Affect Your Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to sharing important news with your clients and colleagues, press releases are an efficient way to disseminate information. However, it takes an expert to know how to navigate the search engine and press release nuances — all while boosting your online visibility.

At Lawyers Writing for Laywers, our experienced attorney understands the intricacies of writing a legal press release. If you don’t have the time to write your own, wouldn’t you rather work with an expert who is familiar with legal jargon?

Legal Press Release Writing That Won’t Harm Your Online Reputation

In the 1990s, press release wire services began publishing updates directly to the Internet instead of disseminating them to news outlets. Although this practice gives businesses, professionals and other readers greater flexibility and control over when important information is released, it also encouraged online marketers to expand link building efforts. Today, search engines such as Google can view press releases warily. Choosing the wrong words or adding a link can result in severe consequences.

Nevertheless, a well-written and informative press release provides important value for your clients and colleagues. Uploading a press release to your website, sending it to clients and other relevant individuals via email, and adding it to a social media page improves the relevancy and originality of your content.

With Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, you can work with an expert attorney who can navigate the search engine rules and produce customized content. Share your most important professional intelligence with a press release that raises the profile of your business, enhances your reputation, and keeps you in front of the people who matter most.

What to Know About Legal Press Releases

Creating a legal press release is not as simple as it sounds, and Lawyers Writing for Lawyers can help you share the information you need without damaging your credibility. When you partner with Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, your press release will contain the appropriate legal jargon, communicated in a factually accurate and easily understandable way.

Instead of bland copy that could have been written by anyone, Lawyers Writing for Lawyers can customize a press release that shares intelligence and advice while meeting your essential marketing goals.

The law firm press release can serve a variety of purposes. Lawyers Writing for Lawyers can inform your readers about an important upcoming professional event, share news about a relevant decision or regulatory change, and identify new service areas. Your optimized press release can also highlight staff changes or attract interest for a newspaper or magazine story that may benefit your clients. Regardless of your goal, Lawyers Writing for Lawyers can craft a genuinely informative press release that provides significant value-add for your clients and colleagues.

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