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Press Releases for Law Firms

Press release writing for lawyers

Writing press releases for attorneys

Expert Press Release Writing for Law Firms

When you can capture and implement the power of the press, it’s a beautiful thing. At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, we offer law firm press release writing services that get the media to stand up and notice your story.

The Art of Writing Press Releases for Law Firms

If you have ever attempted press release writing for lawyers, you’re familiar with the challenging guidelines. The media sets strict guidelines regarding the formatting and information contained within a press release. And if one of their requirements is not met, your press release can easily be ignored and never published.

It’s vital that the person handling your law firm press release has a foolproof understanding of not only the proper format, but also the type of language the press favors.

Should You Hire a Press Release Writing for Lawyers Service?

While a law firm press release can be an invaluable tool in your marketing efforts, sometimes it just isn’t appropriate. For example, the media wouldn’t find an article about your firm being the oldest firm in the area newsworthy — unless your firm intends to do something noteworthy to celebrate, such as a community festival or client appreciation day.

Is your story something that could easily be considered newsworthy to anyone outside of your practice? If so, then you owe it to your practice to issue a press release. Sometimes, firms will plan an event or announcement for the sole purpose of being able to issue a press release — this is certainly an option as well. Your story is key, and Lawyers Writing for Lawyers can help you find the proper story for your firm.

Experience the Benefits of Press Releases for Lawyers

When people see your firm’s name in print from a reputable media source, they will take notice. It’s not just your firm telling them about itself, but it’s the press! This will generate instant credibility for your firm, without the reader knowing anything else about your practice.

From this instant credibility, people who are looking for legal services are likely to visit your website to learn more about your areas of practice. Not everyone who visits will become a client, but many individuals will contact you for a consultation.

It’s clear that legal press releases can offer countless benefits if written correctly. When you work with Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, you can make sure the information your readers initially see is of the highest caliber and quality.

If you’d like to experience the power of a law firm press release, contact Lawyers Writing for Lawyers today. We’ll generate a press release that the media will run and the public will respond to.

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