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Content Writing for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Content Writing for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Most attorneys today realize that content is important. On a website, blog, newsletter or email campaign, having plenty of fresh content can improve your search rankings and can help you reach more clients. However, your website, social media posts and other marketing material will not be successful if they don’t have the persuasive words to convince potential clients to act.

Ultimately, the quality of content matters as much as — or more than — the amount of words your bankruptcy law firm publishes. Unlike marketing for many other industries, legal marketing has to meet many different requirements:

  • It must meet the marketing guidelines established by your state bar association.
  • It must appeal to your potential clients.
  • It must showcase your unique skills and expertise.
  • It must make your bankruptcy law firm seem approachable.
  • It must encourage clients to contact you.
  • It must highlight your authority and knowledge.

Poorly written legal content can do the exact opposite. At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, we have worked with many law firms and attorneys to write effective legal content. Our team is made up of attorneys and writers, which means we understand exactly what successful legal writing looks like – and we can provide this high caliber of writing for your website.

The Truth About Competition

The reality is that bankruptcy attorneys face more competition than many other types of law firms. In addition to competing with other bankruptcy lawyers, legal professionals in this field often have to compete against credit relief organizations and similar financial services. These types of companies pour significant resources into marketing.

To attract clients and beat the competition, you need professional content that’s written specifically for your bankruptcy law firm – not general marketing services. Lawyers Writing for Lawyers creates web content for bankruptcy lawyers written by legal professionals, so you can be confident knowing your content is effective, on-target, and legally accurate.

When writing about finance and bankruptcy, especially, it’s easy for general marketing writers with no legal experience to write the wrong thing. In the past, state bar associations have stepped in because web content has included seemingly innocuous words like “can” and “will.” When you work with Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, we understand what is and isn’t allowed in legal marketing. We follow the rules so you don’t have to worry about additional hassles.

Grab Your Clients’ Attention

Whether you need content about chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy or other topics, our web content is designed to attract clients who need your bankruptcy services. We have worked with bankruptcy attorneys for years, and we understand what it takes to formulate the words that grab the attention of someone who is looking for financial solutions.

Schedule a free consultation with our  legal writing team today, and find out how we can help you craft compelling content that can be part of your law firm’s marketing strategy.

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