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Content Writing for Immigration Attorneys

Content Writing for Immigration Attorneys

All legal marketing writing has to be accurate, effective and appealing to clients while also following the guidelines set by your state’s bar association. Content writing for immigration attorneys, however, also comes with an additional consideration: language.

In many cases, potential clients are not native English speakers. They may need to learn about complex issues related to immigration, work visas, permanent residencies and other subjects — but they need the information presented in an easy-to-understand format. In addition, web content for immigration lawyers may need to be translated into other languages. Accessible, understandable language is one of the best ways to help translators create better content.

The Wrong Words on Your Website Can Hurt Your Firm

The words on an immigration law firm’s website need to be judiciously chosen. On the one hand, they need to convey the authority and experience of your legal practice. They also need to reassure potential clients that you’re trustworthy, honest and dependable.

There are many fraudulent online businesses targeting newcomers and immigrants, so any web content for an immigration law firm must be professional and must establish trust right away. Clients who need immigration advice may already be intimidated by the legal and immigration process. If they have fallen victim to unscrupulous services or exaggerated claims about the immigrant system, establishing trust can be even more difficult. The right words can go a long way towards showing potential clients you understand their concerns.

Website writing for immigration law firms also needs to draw traffic to your website. With thousands of blogs and services dedicated to immigration, immigration attorneys need to be able to distinguish themselves while using keywords correctly to attract viewers.

Getting Your Content Right the First Time

While the writing on your website needs to meet a lot of demands, you’re most likely investing considerable time and effort into your marketing campaign. To ensure your marketing efforts yield the best return on investment, make sure each word your potential clients read encourages them to contact your practice.

At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, we understand that immigration attorneys have little room for error. Even minor errors can have potential clients clicking away to another site. Your content needs to be informative, appeal to emotions, and highlight your professionalism and legal knowledge. Realistically, you are unlikely to get this caliber of content by working with generalist writers who have no legal background.

When you trust Lawyers Writing for Lawyers with your content, you can be confident knowing that you’re working with a legal professional. We don’t create content for florists, daycares or doctors. We are lawyers and legal professionals, and we put our understanding to work on legal websites.

If you’re launching a marketing campaign or are tired of getting subpar results from your current content, contact Lawyers Writing for Lawyers today. See for yourself the powerful combination of legal experience and marketing prowess.

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