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Content Writing for Criminal Defense Lawyers

When choosing a criminal defense lawyer, people usually look at four main factors: credentials, price, reputation and location. So it makes sense that your website should clearly reflect those areas throughout your content. 

When you hire someone who is specialized in content writing for criminal defense attorneys, you can not only improve your site but you’ll also entice new clients to your office. Lawyers Writing for Lawyers knows how vital it is to understand legal terminology and explain criminal defense concepts in simple, easy-to-digest terms. Because we are attorneys ourselves, we have a full understanding of the law. And because we’re writers, we can help others learn. You can build exposure and an expert online presence for your firm through website content writing.

Why Website Content for Criminal Defense Attorneys Is Important

Potential customers turn to your website to learn more about your firm, and they examine your social media feeds to get a feel for your success rates. They might even browse Yelp and other review sites to see what others think of you.

With so many ways to target potential customers online, you want to make a favorable impression. Great content on your website can draw people in and get them interested in your firm. For example, if you post a well-written biography of each of your criminal defense firm’s lawyers, you can establish personal connections with potential clients — these connections can be the building blocks of a trusting relationship.

For criminal defense lawyers, website content should both inform and engage. This could mean including a list of what types of crime charges your firm’s attorneys have defended clients against, or it could involve posting a blog entry about how “Law & Order” bears absolutely no resemblance to real life.

Examples of Content Writing for Criminal Defense Attorneys

What type of website content is best to post on your site? There are many different possibilities, including:

  • Blog posts, which can be 450 words or fewer, or up to 3,000 words exploring one topic in-depth.
  • Pages that explore important past criminal cases and serve as a resource to clients.
  • Glossaries clients can reference to learn the definitions of confusing legal terms.

Give Your Website New Life

Dry, boring website content won’t win you any new clients. Lawyers Writing for Lawyers can provide creative, accurate and knowledgeable content for your site. Best of all, it won’t suck up your valuable time to get it. Contact us today to get started!

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