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6 Powerful Law Firm Newsletter Ideas

Coming up with newsletter content that distinguishes your law firm is an important part of your marketing strategy. The right newsletter keeps your audience engaged while differentiating your practice from its competitors. Giving your audience relevant, useful information is essential to your newsletter’s success.

Here are some ideas on content to include in your next newsletter – and how Lawyers Writing For Lawyers can help you create powerful law firm content through our legal newsletter services.

1. Review industry events and content for your audience.

Reviewing other law firms …

Do’s and Don’t’s of eNewsletters for Law Firms

Newsletters are an ideal way to stay in touch with your firm’s clients and reach out to potential new leads. While that may have meant mailing out a newsletter using paper and envelopes in years past, these days legal eNewsletters are the way to go.

There are three main benefits to e-newsletters. First, you can link directly to information on your website, encouraging readers to further explore your law firm and what it offers. Second, people are more likely to share an email address with you than a snail mail …

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