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How Often Should Lawyers Redesign Their Legal Websites

How Often Should Lawyers Redesign Or Change Their Legal Websites

(Hint:  All the Time)


The answer to this question depends on what level of legal marketing and search engine optimization you wish to utilize.  Do you use the Hope-and-Pray legal marketing method, or are you a law firm that wants to dominate search engine results through digital marketing? A Hope-and-Pray firm simply installs a generic website, rarely optimizes their site or social media presence, and relies upon old design in hopes of attracting new customers.  Hope-and-pray legal marketing method …

5 Marketing Law Firm Trends For 2018

You’ve built your law practice and you’re ready for more growth. Looking into law firm marketing trends and marketing strategy can be a daunting task. 

What are other law firms doing to position themselves for 2018? Here are five marketing law firm trends that all law firms need to take advantage of with the new year approaching.

5 Marketing Law Firm Trends For 2018

Content, Content, Content Strategy!

It’s all about creating memorable and personalized content. Hiring an experienced writer, who can create customized content is a great idea. This …

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