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Creative Legal Marketing: Is It Possible?


The truth is, the phrase “legal marketing” sounds a little dry. And if you try to use legalese in your legal marketing, you’ll succeed at creating dry copy — there’s nothing juicy or engaging about habeas corpus to a layman.

However, with the right amount of creativity behind it, legal marketing can be both fun and interesting. After all, legal marketing isn’t about throwing up content on your site and calling it a day. You need to know how to reach your audience and separate yourself from the noise they come into contact with every day, including other firms competing for their attention.

Of course, you have to be creative while maintaining a professional, polished image. After all, you want these potential new clients to see you as a serious firm capable of winning important decisions on their behalf.

While it sounds daunting, this kind of creative legal marketing is possible.

Finding Creative Legal Marketing Solutions

The key to a creative, engaging marketing campaign is imagination. Here are a few creative legal marketing ideas that can jazz up your website and help you reach more people:

  •  Hold a contest. While we tend to think of contests as something for retailers or restaurants, you can do it for law firms, too. Give away a free consultation rather than a free pair of jeans.
  •  Reach out on blogs. Concentrate on building a following for your blog, and comment on others’ posts. You’ll soon find your blog posts reaching a bigger audience.
  •  Jump on the news. This is a particularly great and relevant way for law firms to market themselves. You should be writing analysis pieces on the latest big case in the news and promoting those pieces on social media.
  •  Get civic-minded. Any way you can reach out to the community will be well-received.
  •  Offer something for nothing. People love to get free stuff. Offer free e-books, podcasts or even coloring pages for kids in return for getting someone’s contact information.

Great Ways to Stand Out

You can do other things to make your firm stand out from others as well. Everyone likes a sense of humor. Instead of posting photos of your lawyers as they look now, put up their fourth-grade pictures.

Instead of doing traditional bios, post their likes and dislikes. There are so many ways you can publish content that is unique, creative and personalized to your firm.

Finding the time to craft creative legal content strategies can be difficult, and many law firms outsource this type of marketing. At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, we have a background in law that helps us create specialized strategies just for you. Contact us today to start working on your own creative law marketing solution.

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