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How to Best Measure if Your Content Is Successful


Success in the courtroom can be measured in very definite ways. Did you win the case? Did your client get what he or she wanted?

But success of your legal writing content on your website is a bit trickier to define.

You should judge your success based on three main criteria:

  • Are you getting new leads?
  • Are you seeing low bounce rates?
  • Are people interacting with you?

If you answered yes to these questions, then congratulations — your law firm content appears to be working well.

But if you answered no, you may need some additional assistance.

Why You Should Keep Tabs on Your Legal Writing Content

It’s important to track how well your content is being received because your website should be one of the main ways your firm attracts new business. When your content is poorly written or confusing, it hurts your chances of getting new leads.

If you’re not getting much inbound traffic from your website, it could mean your information is poorly organized or your site is not properly optimized for search. Unoptimized content won’t show up near the top of search results, and that means it’s less likely people searching for law firms in your area will find your site, reducing your chances of getting new business.

Signs Your Content Is Underperforming

Here are signs that will let you know your content is not performing as well as it should be:

  • You have high bounce rates. That means most people are leaving your site quickly, after looking at just one page, indicating they are not finding the information they want.
  • You’re not getting leads from your site. Many law firms use a special phone number or email address unique to their website in order to track how many leads it is generating.
  • You don’t get comments on your blog or follows on your social media sites. That means no one is finding you through your site.
  • Your clients say your site is confusing. Ask your clients if they have gone on your website and if so, what they think. If they found it hard to navigate or difficult to read, chances are others did as well.

Fixing Your Law Firm’s Web Content

Luckily, this problem is fixable. You simply need to upgrade the content on your site. You need less legal jargon and more plain language that will appeal to the non-lawyers seeking out your services.

At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, we can help. We are lawyers ourselves, so we understand the law and what you want to get across. But we can do it in a straightforward way potential clients can understand. Contact us today to improve the performance of your content.

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