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What To Look For In A Legal Content Writing Service

legal content writing service

With all the content writing services out there, how can a lawyer rely on the right one? After all, a skilled content writer can help enhance your law firm brand and generate leads. In this post, we’ll share how to evaluate and find the right service for your practice.

Identify Their Interests & Strengths

The first thing you want to keep in mind is the legal content writer you choose will become an integral part of your law practice, making it essential for them to have an interest in creating engaging and educational content for your clients and potential clients. If a content writer has a background in practicing law, experience writing about many legal topics, as well as a passion for storytelling — these are signs you may have found the right content writing service for you.

Before choosing though, you’ll want to listen to how they talk about your law firm and the topics that matter most to you, along with a few other items. What insights can they provide on recent events and court decisions in your area of law? Do they ask questions about your firm and offer valuable advice?

How Experienced Are They?

The second area to look into is the legal content writer’s experience and skill level. You’ll have greater insight into what a content writer has done by looking at their case studies and speaking with client referrals. Case studies and client referrals can reveal their work style and also the extent of their experience with writing for your niche clientele.

Consider also asking for samples of their writing. A great legal content writer might produce a written masterpiece filled with terminology. However, they might have trouble writing an engaging article that grabs your clients’ attention. When evaluating their written work consider the readability, spelling, grammar, and flow of their writing. Additionally, an experienced legal content writer, such as Lawyers Writing For Lawyers, is going to ask detailed questions about what your practice is looking for, overall goals, and what success looks like.

Test Their Research Skills

Has the content writer taken the time to learn more about you and your firm? Do they spell the law firm correctly and understand who your competition is? How familiar are they with your specialties? Lastly, what do they know about how law content can position you as a trusted authority in your field and build new client relationships? Ask some specific discovery questions to reveal just how much effort they put into understanding your law practice.

Choose A Content Writing Expert You Like

When you have a choice in who you work with, you should pick people you like, this goes for choosing a legal content writing services as well. After all, you’re likely going to spend a lot of time talking to them, either by phone, e-mail or in person. It’s essential to hire a legal content writer who fits well with your personality, law firm, and work style.

Consider Lawyers Writing For Lawyers

The power of a compelling, well-written legal content should not be underestimated. Lawyers Writing For Lawyers can help get your legal content writing on track.  We’ve written content from criminal defense attorneys to divorce lawyers and we’d love the opportunity to write for you.

Did this article help with your search for the right legal content writing service? We’d love to hear your feedback.


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