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Marketing for Lawyers

So you’ve done it! You’ve joined the social media world. Facebook page set. Twitter account functioning. First blog posted. How do you decide what content to populate and where?

Try setting aside an hour a day or week to focus on social media marketing. It’s free, can potentially reach a large audience and give great exposure to your firm. Engage and be active. By posting relevant information to your friends and social media fans, you can establish yourself as a familiar expert.

If you’re one of those who have the gift of gab, you’re lucky. Interacting on Social media will come naturally. If you’re one of those who have a harder time finding things to “post, pin or update”, here are some suggestions that will make your efforts easier.

  • Comment on other people’s content and answer questions that are posed to you. Participate by giving advice on a question posed in Facebook.
  • Add a photo. Did your firm sponsor an event benefitting a special organization? Use photographs and communicate through images.
  • Repurpose content. Original content is not just articles. And it doesn’t have to be articles written by the firm. Does your firm contribute to a local charity or philanthropic cause every year? Is it covered by a TV station or mentioned in the newspaper? Save the article and URL, and organize it under “media “ or “ news” on your site.
  • Incorporate Utube. Have you done an interview on a particular subject or specialty? Add a Utube link on your website to add dimension to your brand.
  • Upload press releases. Was an associate mentioned in a bar journal? Post the link and write a short comment on the press release.
  • Give real world examples of how you’ve helped your clients. If a happy client posts a big win from a settled case, share the good news through your account.


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