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The Benefits of Hiring a Legal Content Writer


Many law firms like the idea of writing their own content for their website. As appealing as that idea might be, however, the reality is most attorneys don’t have the time or expertise to do so.

It’s often smarter, more efficient and cheaper to outsource your legal content writing to an outsider who has the right experience. Here are four benefits of hiring a legal content writer:

  1. Expertise

Sure, you went to law school and you craft a mean legal brief, but that’s not the same as writing a compelling e-newsletter or an engaging blog post. Legal content writers do these things every day, and they understand what type of wording works best to attract new clients and draw people to your site.

Some freelance content writers, such as Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, are actually attorneys themselves. They understand the nuances of the law, and this comes across in their writing.

  1. Efficiency

Most lawyers can crank out a legal document in no time, but maybe it takes you three hours to write one short blog post because you’re not used to this form of writing. That’s three hours you could have spent going over a new case, sitting in on a new client meeting or going to court. If you write four blog posts a month, at minimum, that’s 12 wasted hours every four weeks.

It makes more sense to hire someone to do this writing for you. An experienced copy writer can finish it more quickly, but he or she also will save you valuable time you can put back into your law firm.

  1. Savings

Every hour you spend trying to write legal content is an hour less you’re billing to clients. It’s cheaper in the long run to pay someone to write that blog, newsletter or social media post for you, freeing time for your firm.

  1. Quality

Legal copywriters produce top-notch content. Here are just a few things you could outsource to a legal content writer:

  • Press releases: Publish a release that will draw plenty of attention to your next event and introduce your members of your law firm as experts available to be quoted in future stories.
  • Email newsletter: Make your monthly newsletter into more than just a list of birthdays at your firm. Turn it into a great way to entice new clients with interesting articles.
  • Social media: Keep your newsfeeds active and well-stocked with interesting content that will help draw new followers and improve your search engine ranking.

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